Our beautiful Sam Snow, here at the Vampire’s Wife, wears the Silk Mask.
Night without end. I cannot sleep.
The full moon blazes overhead
Spending Sunday morning in bed with Maria Popova’s superlative website Brain Pickings—an epic act of generosity and simply the best thing online.
We love the fiendishly talented Greta Bellamacina here at The Vampire’s Wife.
My husband asked me to put up this poem by the great Rae Armantrout from her new collection of poems.
Last night, I was reading about the amazing Dada artist, poet and living artwork, Else von Freytag-Loringhoven.
Cristin Milioti, award-winning actress, writer, producer and singer wears The Vampire’s Wife.
“Hey, babe.” That’s my husband. “Check this out. It is a song by the most famous Lebanese singer of them all, Fairouz.
This lovely message came through from Roseanna from Colorado. Yes, I love this footage from the great Toots Thielemans.
I love this little book on a Sunday—Thoughts of Idle Hours—published in 1915.
I love this call for. universal and inclusive compassion from the ferociously talented Kate Tempest
Last week was the anniversary of the death of the great Spanish poet Frederico García Lorca.

After hearing the beautiful Cocteau Twins song on The Stuff Page a couple of weeks ago...


The wild and wonderful Floria Sigismondi, filmmaker and photographer, who directed the glorious Gucci Bloom film...

Spent the weekend giggling and gasping my way through the delightfully atrocious high-voltage poetry of Hera Lindsay Bird.

Someone called Konstanzia sent this to my husband’s wonderful Red Hand Files and he asked me if I would put it up on The Stuff Page.
A beautiful little poem of grief by Angelina Weld Grimké. I love the delicate hint or memory of nature filling the void. 
The amazing Floria Sigismondi, (who wrote and directed the wonderful biopic The Runaways...
The wonderful Devon Ross—a woman we’ve been seeing a lot lately wears The Vampire’s Wife Pink Gingham Mask.
Manuel from Lisbon sent this beautiful performance to my husband’s Red Hand Files.
The Vampire’s Wife launch a new t shirt today. The gorgeous VAMPIRE CAT T SHIRT is based on a drawing by one of my favourite illustrators.

Hope by Alice Dunbar-Nelson. Wild seas of tossing, writhing waves, A wreck half-sinking in the tortuous gloom.

The astonishing Eve Hewson wears The Vampire’s Wife Yellow Daisy Mask. Check out the wonderful series, The Luminaries.
Vero from ‘somewhere in the world’ recommended this gorgeous song by Virginian duo, Lean Year.
A friend sent me this song—such a great country lyric and gorgeous arrangement. Tom Rush singing Biloxi. Just had to pass it on.
The wonderful Eve Hewson goes as Bjork in The Vampire’s Wife Silver Metallic Falconetti Dress.
I love this piece of writing on Nina Simone from my husband’s Red Hand Files, last week.
Clara sent this beautiful letter to The Vampire’s Wife. Claudio Monteverdi’s song is so very beautiful.
A dear friend sent me this gorgeous song, La Llorona, and these words. Do you know Llorona? It is such a mournful lament.
My husband read me this beautiful passage from a book called ‘Astonishing the Gods’ by the Nigerian writer, Ben Okri.
I love this little poem by Rumi, the 13th Century Persian poet and mystic—full of forgiveness and longing and inclusion. 

“Hey, babe, Kate Moss just told French Vogue that I’m the most glamorous women she knows!”. 

The magnificent Cate Blanchett wears The Vampire’s Wife Total Mayhem Dress for the cover of Vogue. 
There is so much joy in this beautiful, buoyant new song from our dear friend, Soko. Thank you for bringing a smile to our faces.
The Stuff Page has been a project that The Vampire’s Wife started nearly four years ago. 
Just watched this extraordinary film—Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders.  Inspired by fairy tales...

My dear friend Bella Freud wears The Vampire’s Wife  Heidi Mask. Bella, who taught me everything I needed to know about how to make fashion.


When I was thirteen years old, I went on a camping trip to the South of France, in the summer holidays.
I just stumbled across this wonderful song by the Norwegian band Highasakite.
The brilliant Elisabeth Moss wears the The Vampire’s Wife Yellow Daisy Mask in Interview Magazine.
Vicki from Melbourne, Australia, sent my husband this truly lovely version of his song ‘Into My Arms’

“Can I use the picture I took of you in the black silk Vampire’s Wife mask for a Stuff Post?” That’s me talking to my husband.

My husband’s playing the piano. He’s been doing that a lot lately. I’m sitting and listening. He stops and says—
This picture came in this week of my friend, Daisy Lowe, lying in a field with her ‘sunshine sister’ both dressed in The Vampire’s Wife.
My dear friend Polly Borland sent me this clip of American folksinger and violinist Gaelynn Lea, performing her song, ‘Someday We’ll Linger in the Sun’

“A person called Dzara B. sent me this poem by Charles Reznikoff to The Red Hand Files. It’s powerful and speaks a strong message...”


Again and again, I return to the visionary art of Polish artist Aleksandra Waliszewska.
A friend sent me this remarkable picture of a bronze statue that remained in tact after a massive battle in Russia.
Susie, I’ve discovered lots of wonderful things through the Stuff Posts. Could you make us a playlist...

“Hey, it’s been a while since we’ve done a Song of Devastation.” That’s my husband. “I know,” I say.

A lady called Linda from Geelong in Australia sent a very long, detailed and beautiful letter to me, part of which said...


A letter was sent into The Vampire’s Wife from someone called Lisa from Dorset. She called the dresses ‘shockingly feminine’!
The actor and comedian Maya Rudolph hosted the Grammy Salute to Prince last week, all dressed in The Vampire’s Wife.
Alex from Cleveland, USA sent this wonderful poem to my husbandRed Hand Files. The poem is by the Lebanese poet, Hayan Charara.
The Vampire’s Wife is dropping a limited edition knitwear capsule collection on our website tomorrow.
Just sitting here with my husband reading Camille Paglia’s wonderful Break, Blow, Burn—close readings of her favourite poems. 
The Stuff Page has been a project that The Vampire’s Wife started nearly four years ago. We are now coming up to our four hundredth post! 
Here is a sweet song from American rapper, musician and record producer, Mac Miller, that sort of creeps up on you. 
This really is one of the most beautiful, playful and charged duets I have ever seen—David Bowie and Cher singing, “Can You Hear Me?” 
There really is little more to add to this poem but simply to share it—a beautiful sentiment from the great Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda.
A person called Heidi from Madison, USA suggested I listen to Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares and their weird, eerie harmonies have been weaving around the house all day.
“Babe, suddenly, without warning, Poem-a-day throws up this extraordinary poem! Do you want to post it on the Stuff Page—it’s wild.”  That’s my husband.

“Hey, babe, there is a letter here from someone called Abby from Manchester. She wants to ask you a question”. That’s my husband.

My husband sent me this message from his wonderful Red Hand Files. It comes from Kaley in Manchester. 
Classical Chinese poetry, written over the course of three thousand years has the capacity to speak to our very hearts.
Sitting here, looking out my rainy window, over the sea that rages and crashes everywhere, the wind howling and knocking the trees all about...
“Hey, babe, Emma from Maryland, USA wrote a beautiful letter. Do you want me to read it to you?” That’s my husband...
This is a sweet message for Lori from Toronto, who wrote into my husband’s Red Hand Files, recommending this incredibly beautiful song...
This strange hypnotic number, ‘Get It On Time’ by Black Lips, sung by the extraordinary Los Angeles-based actress and musician, Zumi Rosow...
The brilliant and beautiful Jodie Comer wears The Vampire’s Wife Floral Gypsy Tea Dress while filming Series 3 of the wonderful Killing Eve

Rachel from Sydney, Australia brought this beautiful duet to my attention through my husband’s Red Hand Files. It is a gorgeous thing—an instant cure for the doldrums.


Allyson from Kimberton, USA, sent this letter to my husband’s glorious Red Hand Files, commenting on the name of the new collection Frill Seeker. 
Wonderful Lashana Lynch, styled by the brilliant Karla Welch wears The Vampire’s Wife Green Floral Blossom Dress and we love her for it! 
My husband asked me to put this poem by Gwendolyn Brooks up on The Stuff Page.
Flipping through Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein while sitting in the breakfast room of the Shelley Hotel in Lewes
The new collection is here! The Vampire’s Wife continue to play with the idea of femininity with the Frill Seeker Collection.
If you like Umm Kulthum, you maybe also appreciate Sharmilla Roy especially 'Ontoro momo' Her voice is so extraordinary, moving, melancholy and extremely joyful at the same time.
The aching, erotic stillness of these ancient Chinese poems completely overpowers me, as they find their way into The Vampire’s Wife designs.
The brilliant and beautiful Annie Clark aka Saint Vincent wears The Vampire’s Wife Mini Mayhem Dress to the Independent Spirit Awards in LA last week.
I was flipping through a book on the photography of Diane Arbus and found that she had photographed the feminist provocateur Germaine Greer. 
Known as ‘The Voice of Egypt’ Umm Kulthum rings around the house this morning, cranked up loud, her raw emotion and incredible vocal range ever splendid.
Divine Liberty Ross wore The Vampire’s Wife Black Velvet Lace Night Sparrow Dress to the Tom Ford show in Los Angeles last week.
The most poplar writer of her day, I must admit I have never read George Sand, but I still I adore her!
Just watched the great 1971 spaghetti western Les Pétroleuses, with Claudia Cardinale and Brigitte Bardot, yet again. Erotic, subversive, complex
My husband is sitting at the kitchen table reading the questions on his Red Hand Files. I’m almost out the door, heading to the brand new Vampire’s Wife offices
Dovima and the Elephants by Richard Avedon—this challenging, discomforting photograph intrigued me as a young girl
Someone called Lindsay sent this lovely message to my husband’s Red Hand Files. I love that people out there are participating on the Stuff Page.
Gillian Anderson wore the American Chevron Dress from The Vampire’s Wife Pussy Bow Collection whilst attending the premiere of Sex Education last week in London.

It is so easy to fall into despair, ‘hide within our wounds’, spiral into a darkness of our own misfortune—but, in doing so, we lose our ability to feel...


As my friend, Palma, wrote, “We're watching the earth change before our eyes. The truth is, it wasn't always a habitable globe for creatures like us
Someone called Yara sent this to my husband’s Red Hand Files. It’s such an incredibly sweet letter and the poem is lovely. I’ve never seen it before. I love it that people send things in.
Here is a gorgeous song, fragmentary but vast, by the great Bill Fay. I hope you like it.
I had a dream last night I was sitting in a field listening to Mazzy Star’s beautiful Fade Into You and woke up with the song in my head. 
I spent time reading the Persian poet, Farid Al-Din Attar’s wonderful book The Conference of Birds over the Christmas break, full of the most beautiful words
Goodbye, Ram Dass. “Having empathy for another person means your
heart is breaking, because you understand the intensity of their experience...
Dear everyone! Have a wonderful Christmas and see you in the New Year. Thank you for all your support this last year and for those of you who helped out with the Stuff Posts.
Our dear friend, Rodrigo, sent us this message.  People are always digging around and finding these strange, life-affirming treasures. 
I spent Sunday morning looking at the beautiful photographs of Julia Margaret Cameron, in a wonderful, old book I have of her photography. 
My husband and Warren Ellis played their soundtrack music at the Sydney Opera House this week, with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and the Sydney Philharmonia Choir.

Today is the birthday of the great Emily Dickinson. Emily would lower her poems in a basket from her bedroom window