A SLOW SKIFF FROM LOW COUNTRY WATERSI thought I’d share these very lovely words from a Stuff Page advocate. It is such a pleasure to find people who enjoy The Stuff Page, this weird, and seemingly endless exercise in gratitude. Thank you so much, Dawn! Your letter means a great deal! Love Susie x

Dear Susie
Just wanted to drop a note of gratitude for the ‘Stuff’ page. Not really sure what happens to me and my mind when I land there but, it’s a feeling like a fog, a little like haze, like a place I’m meant to be but can hardly grasp. It can’t be resisted because it’s heavy, mysterious, playful, real and lonely in some sort of very non-lonely way. You’ve created a portal to an ethereal space that lets my mind wander like a slow skiff on my low country waters. Thank you, friend, for letting us in.
Dawn, USA