SONG OF DEVASTATION – NUMBER 32Thank you, Alexandra from Sacramento, for sending this strange, haunted and sad song from Jennie Pearl. It’s certainly a Song of Devastation. Love Susie. x

I recently came across this song ‘Maybe in Another Year’ by Jennie Pearl, one of two songs recorded by the then fifteen year old on a compilation of obscure female folk songs. I wanted to share it as I was immediately reminded of Susie’s Songs of Devastation series. I hope you enjoy.
Love Alexandra

Maybe in Another Year

And maybe in another year

You’ll come back to cheer me

And when, I mean, and if you do

I will give my love to you

And on that day we’ll laugh and cry

And we will close our eyes

To the hate of the world

To the evil that looks our way

And in the end what is the answer?

Will you love the other or me

And in the end what is the answer?

Will there be another year for me?

Writer: Jennifer Hays