The last of the girls – Girl No. 5

In the beginning we promised you five girls. The other four girls were devoured within minutes of being put on The Vampire’s Wife website. They were seen on the streets of New York, the skate parks of Los Angeles and the red carpets of London. British Vogue described the t-shirts as the year’s most coveted article of street wear. We contacted artist-recluse Karen Constance and begged her to design one final t-shirt. We awaited her reply. Painful weeks passed.

Finally, the design came with this message.
“I have returned from a dark place in the East.”

Wrapped in a scarlet veil, Girl No. 5 calls to us with her green hypnotic eyes. A dark, oiled skein of hair curls down her breast and all is sultry and sensual and full of perfumed vampiricity. The young veiled vampire-girl holds in her hand the yellow hero-bird that lives at the heart of The Vampire’s Wife crest. The bird has journeyed to a darkened place and returned with the gift of eternal love. Above her head two blue butterflies, symbols of transformation, uphold The Vampire’s Wife banner.

Screen printer extraordinaire Patrick Wells has hand-printed each t-shirt using an extended colour carousel that lends a luminous vibrancy to Karen’s creation. The high-quality hand-printed t-shirt runs as a limited edition of 200 pieces, each numbered like an art print and presented in a beautiful gift box, designed by Tom Hingston.