In praise of Soulfoo and the beautiful Hilda!

The Stuff Page is not a place we generally plug commercial enterprises because it is rare these sorts of places really inspire us to reach for the actual stars or whatever. This is basically the thing that binds the different Stuff posts together, I guess, the idea that the wonderful people that live on The Stuff Page appeal to our better angels and kind of heal us. Having said that I just feel I have to make you all aware of this lovely little restaurant called SOULFOO, in St James’s Street, here in Brighton, that serves wonderful Caribbean and Deep South soul food and is run by the most beautiful people on earth. I always feel that little bit closer to God when I eat there and I eat there all the time, so I am, like, full-on enlightened! Thank you Hilda! Thank you, Brian! Thank you, George! We love you!

SOULFOO in Brighton