Susie Cave invites you to discover the world of ‘Vampire Things’, a small curation of beautiful objects with an often playful nature. The collection features a selection of spirited, bold and somewhat mischievous things designed and brought to life by Susie. From jewellery to stationery, badges to books, ‘Vampire Things’ combines enchanting objects and artful gifts.

There are of course the dresses! There always will be the dresses! But what of the other ideas – the small, sweet, joyful ideas. ‘Vampire Things’ is here to accommodate these whimsical imaginings.” — Susie Cave, 2023

‘Vampire Things’ will continue to offer new treasures, as the fanciful counterpart to The Vampire’s Wife other-worldly and bewitching dresses, accessories and fine-jewellery.

This collection marks an exciting departure for the label, offering the chance to investigate previously unexplored categories, whilst further showing the charm behind Susie Cave, The Vampire’s Wife.