Testimonials galore! Thank you!

Hello! Just writing to say that I am mesmerized by your vampiric world: the site, dresses, charms and the stuff section. The pitch perfect dresses and musings haunt me just as I am haunted by Bryan Ferry singing 'The Butcher Boy'.

Cheers, Kate

Dear Kate,

I’m extremely happy to hear you like the Stuff Page! The Stuff Page is becoming epic. We post every Tuesday and Thursday, you know, and to continue without missing a day has become the source of great personal pride! It’s my way of finding out about the world and remembering or meditating on what is around me. I am never sure if anyone actually reads the Stuff Page or not and it is a great feeling to hear that you do. And, of course, thank you to everyone else for your lovely words. I’m so happy you liked the dresses and t-shirts and things. Much love to you all,



The dress is beautiful and it fits perfectly. I am thrilled with it. It's perfect for my non-traditional wedding. Many thanks for being so helpful and getting it to us so quickly!

Client, UK, Navy Cord Festival Dress


She arrived this morning, so beautifully packaged I almost didn't want to touch. When eventually I did lift the tissue paper and took my first peek, I could barely believe my eyes! Thank you so much. She's beautiful. I have to say that I feel very privileged to be the lucky recipient of number 2 in the run of 200!  Many, many thanks.

Client, UK, Girl No. 3 T-shirt


I wanted to let you know the bag arrived yesterday I picked up this morning. It’s absolutely fantastic – beyond even my great hopes. My sincere thanks to all the Vampire’s Wives for such a wonderful effort on my behalf. Carried it to a gallery this afternoon and it’s going to another party tonight.

Client, USA, Ruby Velvet Bag


Thank you for possibly the most beautiful thing I've ever owned. My lilac cord festival dress arrived to me in New Zealand today. It is beyond exquisite and I feel amazing in it. It's like feminine power in frock form. I will treasure it (and hopefully have a hell of a lot of fun in, while I'm at it). Thank you for the very, very special piece.

Client, New Zealand, Lilac Cord Festival Dress


Merçi infiniment The Vampire’s Wife, it is most beautiful dress ever! Thank you for your very delicate attention, I’m so happy!!!

Client, France, Navy Cord Festival Dress


The dress has landed and is fabulous! I can’t wait to try it on. Thank you for all your help. Wonderful customer service!

Client, Brighton, Navy Cord Festival Dress


Today arrived your parcel and I am soooooooo happy. It was so lovely wrapped and the colors which came out of it are soooooooo pretty, the pink and the green together with the white paper and the golden sticker. Delicious!!!! And on top both items fit super super well. Just perfect!!!!

Client, Germany, Night Garden Dress & Visiting Skirt


Thank you so much for my beautiful, beautiful dress! I absolutely adore it and can’t wait to wear her, she is all that I hoped and more! Thank you so much to the dress fairies who made my dress. I do believe in fairies I do! I do!

Client, UK, Gold Metallic Knee Length Festival Dress


Girl No. 4 just arrived and I had to take a moment to thank you not only for the gorgeous shirt, but also for the lovely packaging—the box and the hearts! It’s really special. Thank you.

Client, Canada, Girl No.4 T-shirt 


My bag arrived this morning. It’s beyond beautiful. I absolutely love it. Thank you so much for all your help. It was the easiest, quickest smoothest transaction ever. Hugely grateful to you for everything you did. I may get the other colour at some point. I’m not done yet!!

Client, London, Black Velvet Visiting Bag


I received girl No.4 yesterday, thank you so much!!! Love the little paper hearts in the box.

Client, Italy, Girl No.4 T-Shirt


Dear Beautiful People at TVW,

Thank you so much for Girl No. 4! She's lovely. I wanted to tell you I opened the package on Valentine's Day as a treat to myself and was delighted by the paper hearts that came fluttering out of the box. How splendid that was! It made me smile :) Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.

Client, San Francisco, CA, Girl No.4 T-Shirt


I ordered the Charlotte Cape Dress in pink at your online page and I love it!!! I have to wear high heels to have it not too long but then it's like magical!!! I see that dress somewhere in Capri in the mornings, sunshine, a little romantic breakfast, this dress and that's it!!! It's a real dream!!!

Client, Germany, Pink Floral Charlotte Cape Dress


I received the pink mini dress! The color and fabric are even more beautiful in person! I’m so delighted!!

Client, USA, The Pink Metallic Silk Mini Festival Dress


The black Falconetti is amazing!! Never felt this fab in a dress ever before!

Client, Norway, The Black Silk Falconetti Dress


I just wanted to let you know that the dress has arrived safely - it is absolutely heavenly, everything I dreamed of and more! Thank you so much for all of your help, the service I’ve received has been outstanding. And thanks also to Susie for designing such gorgeous creations! I cannot wait to wear it!

Client, UK.


I received the dress and absolutely love it! Wearing it I feel as if I am draped in magic. The dress is beyond stunning, fits like a dream - a true WOW moment. Thank you for all your efforts getting this to me.

Client, USA, The Pink Metallic Silk Falconetti Dress


I just received the Falconetti dress in cinnamon and it is stunning, and a perfect fit. I have never had a dress fit me so well. I am over the moon. I am hooked, and will definitely be buying more dresses. Thank you again for all your help

Client, UK, The Cinnamon Metallic Silk Falconetti Dress