Still more testimonials - makes a hard life softer!

Susie Cave

Just wanted to let you know that I loved my dress!!! I had so much fun wearing this gorgeous dress at my daughter’s wedding and had so many compliments and from young men more than half my age.

Client, London (Liberty Cate Dress)


I got it, it’s beautiful and it fits perfectly. Thank you.
Your biggest fan!

Client, London (Ruby Velvet Festival Dress)


This was a very difficult year, I won’t bore you with the details but the foundation to my world was seriously shaken. Wearing beautiful things makes a hard life much softer. These clothes are akin to landing in a velvet-lined feather bed & if not for your kindness & patience I’d not have been able to experience the crown jewel of the Velvet Sparkle. I’m so excited to wear it on a starry night!

Client, Los Angeles (Sparkle Velvet Cate Dress)


I just wanted to let you all know how much I LOVED wearing my Vampire’s Wife dress to my daughter’s orchard wedding this past August. It was such fun to wear and the dress received so many compliments!  Thank you for your beautiful designs and your attention to detail – just impeccable!

A Vampire’s Wife Fan

Client, Massachusetts (Mermaid Dress)


I’ve just received my dress! It is perfect!!
I’m so happy!

Client, France (Ruby Velvet Festival Dress)


The dress was a BIG hit! I didn’t want to take it off ! We had the best time & honestly this dress made me so happy and made me love the day even more. Thanks again for all your help. Honestly you guys were the best.

Client, London (Silver Metallic Chiffon Festival Dress)


I received the dress! It’s beautiful! Grazie!!

Client, Italy (Sparkle Velvet Cate Dress) 


I have received my beautiful dress!  I love it and it fits perfectly! Many thanks!

Client, London (Green Lamé 3/4 Cate Dress


Thank you so much for my beautiful dress, which arrived today. I’m thrilled it fits perfectly. I just wanted to express my gratitude at the wonderful service I received from you. Many thanks!

Client, Kent (Cord Festival Dress)


I am totally in love! I would like only to wear your dresses and skirts. They remind me of dreams. My next dream is the Cate sparkle velvet dress, or maybe a Festival dress! I wish you a nice day! ♡ 🕊 ♡ Mes meilleurs sentiments.

Client, France


I finally got the opportunity to wear your beautiful dress to my art show! I felt so special and never received more kind compliments about a dress in my lifetime.

Client, NYC (Gloria Dress)


My dress has just arrived and it’s absolutely perfect. Is it weird to be in love with fabric? Thanks so much for the quick turnaround. I really, really appreciate it, Dionne & team & of course Susie for designing a dress that’s so femininely cool with a splash of rock ‘n’ roll in THE most beautiful fabric. How can a dress be so ‘me’ within seconds of putting it on? I’m going to rock this dress through the streets of NYC.

Client, NYC (Silver Metallic Chiffon Festival Dress)


Thank you everyone for your kind words. You are the most wonderful people on the planet!

Love, Susie