Krishna steals the garments of the unmarried gopīs

Here is a little story from the tales of Krishna and a gorgeous painting from a beautiful book on Krishna Art. This book of stories and illustrations is wonderful. The stories are so full of life. The paintings too are exquisite, all wild and weird and dreamlike and have had a huge impact on the clothes I design; the colours and the drama of them. 

Quickly taking the girls garments Krishna climbed to the top of the kadamba tree. Then, as He laughed loudly and his companions also laughed, He addressed the girls jokingly.

“My dear girls, you may each come here as you wish and take back your garments. I’m telling you the truth and I am not joking with you, since I see you fatigued from executing austere vows. I have never before spoken a lie and these boys know it. Therefore, O slender-waisted girls, please come forward, either all together or one by one and pick out your clothes.”

Seeing how Krishna was joking with them, the girls became fully immersed in love for Him, and as they glanced at each other, they began to laugh and joke amongst themselves, even in their embarrassment. Then shivering from the painful cold, all the young girls rose up out of the water, covering their pubic area with their hands.

When the Supreme Lord saw how the gopīs were struck with embarrassment, He was satisfied with their pure loving affection.

Isn’t that a beautiful and playful story, so full of youthful mischief?

Here, I am in the queue for the free food outside the Krishna temple in Los Angeles. I’m not sure the guy next too me approves of my husband who took the photo. Maybe he was just hungry!

Love, Susie