In a Broken Dream

Rod Stewart

“Have you told those Vampire’s Wifers to listen to Rod Stewart and Python Lee Jackson’s In a Broken Dream?” That’s my husband. He’s in a happy mood.

“Why? Should I?”

“Well, yes, I think so. It is important that people understand the full measure of brilliance that exists out there in the recorded world. It is our duty that these songs don’t go unremembered.”

“Okay. I’m not sure I know the song.”

“Well, exactly! So, in 1969, a little known Australian band called Python Lee Jackson travelled to the UK to record some songs. They brought in a young singer called Rod Stewart as a session musician to sing one of the tracks. The song is called In a Broken Dream. It is the most extraordinary song and Rod Stewart’s vocal performance is off the planet. The best he ever did. Legend has it that Rod Stewart received a pair of car seat covers for his part in the recording. Here, I’ll play it for you!”

“Wow!” I say, moved. “I love this song. It is so raw and passionate!”

“Exactly! Hurry! Let the world know!”