I’d swallow the comets!

Today, I received the most deep and probing letter from a lady called Ashley that spoke very poignantly about the death of her uncle Edmond, amongst many other things. It was such a lovely letter, so careful and measured and moving. Attached to the end of the letter was an awe-inspiring quote from Victor Hugo after he attended a séance and met the spirit of Galileo. I have never seen this quote or read the book that it comes from. It sounds amazing and I have ordered it. Victor Hugo’s Conversations with the Spirit World. A Literary Genius’s Hidden Life by John Chambers. This is what Victor Hugo apparently told Galileo when he encountered his spirit.

“You know what I would do if I were in your place? I’d drink from the milk basin of the Milky Way; I’d swallow the comets; I’d lunch on dawn; I’d dine on day and sup on night; I’d invite myself, splendid table companion that I am, to the banquet of all the glories, and I’d salute God as my host! I’d work up a magnificent hunger, an enormous thirst, and I’d race through the drunken spaces between the spheres singing the fearsome drinking song of eternity”

What a spectacular piece of writing! It sounds like one of my husband’s songs! I love people discovering these moments of wonder and sending them to The Vampire’s Wife. Thank you so much, Ashley, and we were both very touched by your letter. Oh and to answer your question - wild and colourful spring flowers to go with your Falconetti!

Love, Susie

Photo. Victor Hugo

Photo of flower by Uncle Edmund.