I COME FROM THEREI love this poem, Tropical Town, by Salomón de la Selva. The poet was born in 1893, in León, Nicaragua, writing in both Spanish and English. He was active throughout his life in numerous labour and political movements. He died on February 5, 1959. I love the line ‘I come from there…’, suggesting that the poet is an immigrant, far from home, dreaming of the repose of the cemetery, ‘where the green trees are.’ So very beautiful. Love Susie. x

Tropical Town

Blue, pink, and yellow houses, and, afar,

The cemetery, where the green trees are.

Sometimes you see a hungry dog pass by,

And there are always buzzards in the sky.

Sometimes you hear the big cathedral bell,

A blindman rings it; and sometimes you hear

A rumbling ox-cart that brings wood to sell.

Else nothing ever breaks the ancient spell

That holds the town asleep, save, once a year,

The Easter festival . . . I come from there,

And when I tire of hoping, and despair

Is heavy over me, my thoughts go far,

Beyond that length of lazy street, to where

The lonely green trees and the white graves are.

By Salomón de la Selva