GRETA BELLAMACINA IN VENICEActress, poet, filmmaker, style icon and dear friend, Greta Bellamacina prepares to take on Venice Film Festival in her bespoke Raspberry Vampire’s Wife Dress and Cape.

‘There's such a magic to the shape of the dress–and the colour. It felt very special. There's also this timelessness to it. A lot of pieces from The Vampire’s Wife transcend the decades,' Greta says of the dresses.

We adore Greta here at The Vampire’s Wife. Love Susie. x

Black Under Heaven

everything lives unnerved

tiny cups and scissors hungover

lilies in heaven marching in glass on the table

our child arranging the sky, sleeping between the doorway

blue garments an ocean on the bedroom floor-

your scent a kind of black under heaven all raging and soft,

breaking the tracks of summer

a chapel in the fourth wall

always lit up and nursing

i have become larger in it

a new kind of warm ash

burning up the edges

and bathing out the reality TV government

I have become more winged

we barely notice the ceiling falling onto our bed

emptying out the ariel stars

that have tracked our whole lives til now

walked with us through hysteria

and trees made into empty news

we live in one room

the BT Tower our lighthouse,

we have become two mothers

we are unearthed, dosing in the scent

that is an eternal morning

Greta Bellamacina