Girls behaving themselves in The Vampire's Wife No. 5

Florence Welch wears The Vampire's Wife

My husband who-never-stops-working photographs dearest Florence Welch dressed in a Vampire’s Wife Sparkle Festival Dress as she contemplates her next move at the Bad Seeds End of the World Tour Party at Lou Lou’s last week.

Pam Hogg wears The Vampire's Wife

Meanwhile, dressed in a Vampire’s Wife Red Lamé Veneration Dress, I cuddle up with the great anarcho-designer Pam Hogg, the wildest of them all.

Bella Freud wears The Vampire's Wife

As a strange man does something fiendish to my dear friend Bella Freud who wears a Vampire’s Wife Black Velvet Sparkle Dress.

Daisy Lowe wears The Vampire's Wife

And beautiful Daisy Lowe, mostly-dressed in a Vampire’s Wife Liberty Night Garden Dress, lights up the room with her famous smile.

Ruth Negga wears The Vampire's Wife

And beautiful Ruth Negga, dressed in a Cinnamon Lamé Falconetti Dress, does her best to behave herself.

Thank you all! With so much love,