Do Not Despair of Love

Here is a lovely message from Kaley, with a poem about the capricious nature of things by the much-loved poet, Hafez. So beautiful! So true!

Dear Susie,

I have been reading a lovely little book today ‘The Nightingales are Drunk’ by the Persian poet Hafez and I wanted to share my favourite with you, I hope you like it, it is a little treasure.

All my love, always


Good News! the days of grief and pain
won’t stay like this –
As others went, these won’t remain
or stay like this.

Though my beloved thinks of me
as dirt and dust,
My rival’s status, and her trust,
won’t stay like this.

And though the doorman wields his sword
against us all,
No rank remains immutable
or stays like this.

When good or bad come, why give thanks,
and why complain?
Since what is written, won’t remain
or stay like this.

The say when Jamshid reigned, ‘Bring wine’
was his court’s song,
‘Since Jamshid won’t live long,
or stay like this’.

And if you’re wealthy, help the poor,
since, be assured,
The gold and silver that you hoard
won’t stay like this!

O candle, prize the moth’s love now
and hold it fast –
When dawn arrives, it cannot last
or stay like this.

In words of gold they’ve written on,
the emerald sky,
‘only compassion does not die,
but stays like this’.

Do not despair of love, Hafez;
it can’t be true
The heartlessness she’s shown to you
will stay like this.