Here comes Girl No. 3 and she bites!!!

British Vogue's most coveted article of street wear Girl Number 2 sold faster than Girl Number 1.

We sent another letter to crazed workaholic and artist-recluse Karen Constance. Who is she? Has anyone even seen her? She sent back Girl Number 3 in time for Christmas!

This time Karen has travelled to the underworld and returned with Girl Number 3. Dressed in a priestess gown of blood roses, a green eyed, black-haired child-vampire offers us the symbol at the very heart of the Vampire’s Wife crest, the yellow hero-bird that travels to the subterranean world, does battle with demons and returns with the gift of enlightenment and love. Wrapped around her finger is the snake, a symbol of secret knowledge and above her head two undead anarcho-kittens call forth the wild spirit inside us all.

Accompanying the image was this strange poem.

She is fierce, violent, of divine power, terrifying.
She came up from the marshes raging wildly.
Her hair is hanging in black rivers,
Her eyes are green lakes,
She returns with the yellow bird-spirit
Kittens and a snake go in front of her.

Screen printer extraordinaire Patrick Wells has hand-printed each t-shirt using an extended colour carousel that lends a luminous vibrancy to Karen’s creation. The high-quality hand-printed t-shirt will now run in a limited edition of 200 pieces, each numbered like an art print and presented in a beautiful gift box, designed by Tom Hingston.

Available from The Vampire’s Wife website at 5pm (GMT) on Monday the 11th of December! That’s this Monday!