BLACK SHADOWAnother dark gothic wonder-poem this week by Galician poet and novelist Rosalía Rita de Castro, 1837–1885. She was considered one of the most important figures of 19th-century Spanish literature and modern lyricism, and an icon of female empowerment. She is credited with challenging the traditional female writer archetype. Love Susie. x

Black Shadow


When I think that you have parted,

Black shadow that overshades me,

At the foot of my head pillows

You return making fun of me.

When I fancy that you've gone,

From the very sun you taunt me

And you are the star that shines

And you are the wind that moans.

If there's singing it's you who sings,

If there's weeping it's you who weeps,

And you are the river's rumour

And the night—and the dawn.

Everywhere you are in everything,

For and within me you live

Nor will you ever leave me,

Shadow that always shades me.