ALL FEMALE BEAUTYA lovely letter from Nanni from Los Angeles that came in recently, with a Spotify playlist of favourite female artists. Such an amazing list of songs and its on play full-time in The Vampire’s Wife offices! Pure joy! Many thanks Nanni. Anyone who has Karen Dalton and Yoko Ono and Nina Simone on a playlist is a great friend of ours! Love Susie. x

Dear Susie,

I am dedicated follower of your Stuff page and your beautiful designs.

I love and adore the beauty and kindness you and Nick bring to this world.

Often you post favourites of mine and sometimes I’m excited to discover new songs, art and poems through you.

I wanted to share an all-female artist Mix I curated on Spotify a while ago.

I am hoping I can return the favour and you might discover songs that speak to you.

In celebration to all the wonderful women out there- you surely being one of them.

With Love and gratitude to you and Nick from Los Angeles