The Vampire's Wife x Annoushka Charm Bracelet has arrived!

Susie Cave and Tali Lennox

I have always loved ruby, sapphire and emerald jewellery - the rich depth of colour. A lot of my dresses are directly influenced by deep jewel-like colours – and like jewels, they sparkle on the surface but have deep reservoirs of feeling beneath them.

The Vampire's Wife 'The Wild Rose' charm

I love girls swimming in the sea with pearls in their hair. Pearls themselves feel like mermaid souls and are the teardrops of the ocean. I love them. I love the line by Patti Smith – ‘Scoop the pearls up from the sea’ - the rich, abundance of that image.

The Vampire's Wife 'Mermaids' charm

I love very simple jewellery. I love gold wedding bands particularly. I have a ring that Nick gave me on Valentines Day, which I never take off. And of course my wedding ring. I love Nick’s line, “Sleep lightly in your ring of gold”

The Vampire's Wife 'God is in The House' charm

I love the idea of diamonds in the hair.

The Vampire's Wife 'Deanna' charm

I am always fascinated by other people’s jewellery and what it means to them. The personal histories attached to jewellery. I love antique jewellery and the sweet and melancholy thought that a piece of jewellery lives on with the lives of past owners etched into it.

The Vampire's Wife 'The Weeping Song' charm

The idea of the charm bracelet came from my mother. She had the most beautiful charm bracelet that she was given on her birthday. She passed it on to me and I treasure it. Each charm meant so much to her and was a memory in itself - like the little gold ski’s from her first skiing holiday and a little gold chalet that she stayed in; a tiny gold aeroplane to remember her first flight and a little elephant that represented Africa, where we grew up as children.

The Vampire's Wife 'The Ship Song' charm

I love the idea of a charm bracelet acting as an aide-memoire to ones life, in the same way that we attach memories to songs. This was why I wanted to make a charm bracelet of my favourite Nick songs.

The Vampire's Wife 'Love Letter' charm

My mother’s bracelet always touched my heart, like Nick’s songs. I tried with the charm bracelet to combine the two. I hope you like it.

With love, Susie