The Vampire’s Wife is dropping a limited edition knitwear capsule collection on our website tomorrow. It is called the Moon Bathing Collection. Moon Bathing is an ancient cosmic pursuit that I have been practising sitting by my window at night. I absorb all the moon’s wonderful yin energy to counteract some of the yang energy that’s been hanging around the house lately!

“Why are you sitting at the window in your underwear?” asks my husband.

“I’m moon bathing,” I reply.

“Oh,” he says.

“I’m soaking in the stars.”


The Moon Bathing collection consists of bralets, bodysuits, bottoms and cardigans, spun with metallic gold and silver threads, in deep nocturnal tones—designed for the great indoors. The Moon Bathing Collection is a limited edition capsule collection and created from merino wool and made in Britain.  The Vampire’s Wife will be donating a percentage of proceeds to The World Health Organisation (WHO) COVID-Solidarity Response Fund to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay safe, moon bathe and much love, Susie x