Warning. Listen at own risk no. 8


My Darling Susie,

I’m in Oslo, waiting for the sun to go down. I don’t think it ever does here. It’s very late. You will be sleeping now.

Play this Nico song when you wake. I forgot how completely beautiful it is. The words!

I love you,



Dear All,

Just to say, be very careful when you play this song first thing in the morning!

Love to you all, Susie x



These Days 

I've been out walking
I don't do too much talking these days
These days
These days I seem to think a lot
About the things that I forgot to do
And all the times I had
A chance to

I've stopped my rambling
I don't do too much gambling these days
These days
These days I seem to think about
How all these changes came about my ways
And I wonder if I'd see another

I had a lover
I don't think I'd risk another these days
These days
And if I seem to be afraid
To live the life that I have made in song
It's just that I've been losing
So long

La, la, la, la, la
La, la 

I've stopped my dreaming
I won't do too much scheming these days
These days
These days I sit on cornerstones
And count the time in quarter tones to ten
Please don't confront me with my failures
I had not forgotten them

Songwriter: Jackson Browne