Warning. Listen at own risk No. 7

Nina Simone

My husband is sitting at his desk by his window, up in the hills, here in L.A. He is looking perturbed. Out the window he can see down into the valley.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“There is a hawk that lives in the tree in the yard and a bunch of ravens are harassing it.”

“A murder of ravens!”

“It is an unkindness of ravens, actually.”


“They are merciless.”

“Hey, could you do another Song of Devastation for The Stuff Page? It’s been a while and loads of people keep writing in and asking.”

“How about Nina Simone’s Plain Gold Ring? Now, that is devastating. Have we done that? Something to brighten everyone’s day.”

“Okay. Thanks, babe.” 

“And a little yellow bird crashed into the glass this morning.”

“Really?” I say.

“And the hummingbirds have stopped coming.”

I am thinking it is time my husband went back on tour.

“I’ll see you a bit later then, okay?”


Here is Nina Simone’s Plain Gold Ring.