‘Hey, babe, a girl called Kate from Newcastle in Australia sent this letter to The Red Hand Files.’

That’s my husband. He reads the letter from Kate.

Dear Nick (and Susie),

I was devastated when you stopped your Songs of Devastation series on The Vampires Wife Stuff Page. I understand though that new content and inspiration must be found but I was in the process of compiling all the songs you recommended into a playlist on Spotify (except one I couldn’t find there unfortunately, one I had to use a different version of the song, but same impact so that’s ok). It would make me [ironically] happy for the list to get to 20 or even over this. Got one or two more songs to add?


I say, ‘I have a Song of Devastation, but it’s one of yours.’

‘Mine? That’s cheating, a bit, maybe. Which one?’ 

I say, ‘Shattered Ground’, off Carnage.’

‘That is pretty fucking devastating,’ he says.

‘It worries me, that one.’


‘Because your songs predict the future,’ I say.

‘I guess,’ he says,

‘And it’s a break-up song.’

‘Well, in the song the girl is leaving the guy,’ he says.

‘I know.’

‘So don’t.’ 

‘Okay, I won’t,’ I say.

‘Just don’t,’ he says.


Shattered ground

The moon in the night sky, with pale eyes

And pale skin and long hair covering her naked body
And sometimes she's laughing and sometimes she's crying
And sometimes the moon is talking to nobody
And there's a madness in her and a madness in me
And together it forms a kind of sanity
(Oh baby don't leave me)
We drove through the hills with the moon in our eyes
We bought a house in the country where we could lose our minds
The moon is a girl with tеars in her eyes
Who is throwing hеr bags in the back of the car
I am not even remotely surprised
And she's waving goodbye, and she is waving goodbye
The moon is a girl with the sun in her eyes

Oh yeah

Everywhere you are I am
And everywhere you are, well I will hold your hand again
Only you are beautiful, only you are true
I don't care what they are saying
They can scream their fucking faces blue again
I will be all alone when you are gone, all alone when you're gone
And I will not make a single sound
Not make a single sound, not make a single sound
But come softly crashing down
Come softly crashing down, come softly crashing down
My pieces scattered all around
Scattered all around, scattered all around
Toppled on the shattered ground, on the shattered ground

And you're waving goodbye
She is waving goodbye
The moon is a girl with the sun in her eyes

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Oh baby, oh baby
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Oh baby, goodbye
Oh, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Oh baby, oh goodbye