Warning. Listen at own risk No. 10

The Langley School Music Project

“Hey, I just got this letter on The Red Hand Files from someone called Heidi suggesting we put up The Langley School Music Project’s version of ‘Rhiannon’, as a Song of Devastation.”

That’s my husband and he seems excited.

“What’s that?”

“Something I haven’t listened to for maybe twenty years. I’d completely forgotten about it. A music teacher, Hans Ferger, recorded a bunch of school kids in Vancouver in the mid-70s. The tapes were lost and later found and released in 1981, or something. They called the record, Innocence and Despair. The recordings are so beautiful and we all went crazy about them at the time.”


“Yeah, well the Langley School Music Project’s version of ‘Rhiannon’ is wonderful but I was thinking if you wanted another Song of Desperation then you really should get those Vampire’s Wifers to listen to their version of The Eagles hit, ‘Desperado’. It’s a total heartbreaker. What a voice that child has, singing against that cranky old piano.”

He plays it for me. I ask him to stop playing it halfway through.

“It’s too much,” I say.

“I know,” he says.