Vaslav Nijinsky - I am Nijinsky. I am an earthquake

I am Nijinsky. I am a simple man. I have bad habits. But I want to get rid of them… I want loving care and not harsh care. I do not want indulgence. I am love. I want to speak of love. I will speak of love. I know that God will help me because I understand Him. I know that I man of faults. I know that everyone has faults. I know that God wants to help everyone. I see right through people. My mind is so developed that I see right through people without words. I see their actions and I understand everything. I can do everything. I am a peasant. I am a factory worker. I am a servant. I am a gentleman. I am an aristocrat. I am a tsar. I am an emperor. I am God. I am God. I am God. I am everything. I am life. I am eternity. People can kill me but I will live because I am everything. I want eternal life. I do not want death. I love my wife and wish her good, but she does not understand me yet and therefore tells the servants to close the doors. I am the spirit in everyman. I am Nijinsky.

From The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky.


The young French poet and artist Jean Cocteau was dazzled by the Ballets Russes and its star dancer, Nijinsky, when they appeared in Paris in 1909. Cocteau wrote of Nijinsky's animal grace: with his 'slender young torso contrasting with overdeveloped thighs, he is like some Florentine, vigorous beyond anything human, and feline to a disquieting degree'.

The earth is the head of God. God is fire in the head. I am alive so long I have fire in my head. My pulse is an earthquake. I am an earthquake.

From The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky.