The Vampire's Wife speaks

Dear friends of The Vampire’s Wife,

No good work is done in a vacuum. And we are essentially the sum of the things we love. Those things we love find their way toward us, because they live for the light of attention and die when they are forgotten. These are the fragile creatures of creation! Watch them all come out to play!

We invented the STUFF page because we felt it was essential to give these ideas their due, to bring these influences into the light.

Here at The Vampire’s Wife there is not a decision in the making of a dress – not a single stitch sewn or ruffle added – that hasn’t been guided by a whole host of inspirers, visionaries, muses, gods and informers. Here they live on the STUFF page!

Feel free to wander around, to be inspired, maybe or to borrow and to steal! The STUFF page is our gift to you!

Susie Cave

The Vampire's Wife Speaks