The Spinning Song

Elvis - The Spinning Song by Nick Cave

Once there was a song
The song yearned to be sung
It was a spinning song
About the king of rock ‘n’ roll

The king was first a young prince
The prince was the best
With his black jelly hair
He crashed onto a stage in Vegas

The king had a queen
The queen’s hair was a stairway
She tended the castle garden
And in the garden planted a tree

The garden tree was a stairway
It was sixteen branches high
On the top branch was a nest
Sing the high cloudy nest

In that nest there was a bird
The bird had a wing
The wing had a feather
Spin the feather and sing the wind

The king in time died
The queen’s heart broke like a train
The tree was absorbed into the earth
With the nest and the bird

But the feather spun upward
Up and forever upward
Spinning all the weather vanes
Turn up the radio, him so beautiful

Nick Cave 8th Jan 2018