The Melancholy

Dear Susie,

If you like Umm Kulthum, you maybe also appreciate Sharmilla Roy especially 'Ontoro momo' Her voice is so extraordinary, moving, melancholy and extremely joyful at the same time. Each time I listen to it, it brings me to tears. Not tears of sadness but of a kind of calm ecstasy and pure longing for connection. This is a quote from the booklet accompanying the record: "If you listen carefully, at the end you'll be someone else. For it's as pure as glass, yet nothing is omitted. It washes away faults, it sharpens the brain and gives long life." 

Love, Evy.

Thank you so much, Evy. I have never heard Sharmilla Roy, but this piece of music is so haunting and meditative. It is now on repeat here at The Vampire’s Wife in Lewes and its languid effect is preventing us getting any work done. Better just to lie here on the sofa and daydream, as the sullen river flows past the window. Thank you so much for thinking of us here. Much love, and my husband sends his love too. Susie x