THE ART OF TALI LENNOXToday, I’ve been digging around for inspiration and found myself spending the morning with my beautiful friend, the ferociously talented Tali Lennox and her wonderfully confronting paintings. In an interview she said,

‘I like to place a distorted mirror in front of my viewer and invite them to explore realms that play with the line between vulgarity and luster. I’m interested in what makes people uncomfortable, and the beauty within the theatrics of fantasy and perversion. I also want to bring up questions of mortality, a topic that also tends to make people uncomfortable, the figures in my paintings act as ghosts from another era, the time and setting is in an in-between reverie. Touching remnants of a lost age, and the spirits that move through. I do intend all my work to share beauty and celebration alongside melancholia. Life is both light and dark and we should embrace these sides with equal wonder.’

A woman of immense beauty and grace and a brilliant and highly original young artist, we adore Tali here at The Vampire’s Wife. Love Susie. x