Testimonials Galore

Photographer Polly Borland

Thank you Susie for making the most beautiful dresses in the world. My latest photo shoot of my organic vodka would not be complete without your yellow and pink silk dresses.

Client, USA, The Silk Medici Night Garden Dress


I wore the Silver Metallic Chiffon Festival Dress for my wedding in December. Loved wearing the dress and received many compliments about the dress:) Love it! I've attached a couple of shots of the dress from our December wedding ;) so you can see how well it fit considering I took a risk and it arrived 10 days before our wedding. Great dress making.

Hats off to the Vampire’s Wife - Susie Cave

Client, London UK, Silver Metallic Chiffon Festival Dress


She arrived and she’s beautiful. I think I will call her Amelia ;)

And Susie is now sitting on the corner of my mirror in my closet (and the closet is two floors with a fireplace so that’s a good thing). Her beauty inspires my own creative work.

Client, California, USA, Blue Floral and Silver Metallic Cotton Dress


Chloe Moretz wore a very short black dress recently and looked fabulous. What was it? She looks completely awesome. I didn’t realise you did minis! And thank you for my Green Metallic Festival Dress. It fits amazingly.

Alice, Los Angeles

Dear Alice,

Chloe wore a Black Velvet Sparkle Mini Cate Dress. Thank you all for your lovely comments. I’m so glad you are happy with the dresses!

Much love, Susie


Just received the dress. Thank you so much. I absolutely love it!

Client, California, USA, Blue Floral and Silver Metallic Cotton Dress


Thank you for getting it to me so expeditiously! I’m so excited to wear it to our gala on Saturday night. You all are the best!

Client Illinois, USA, Cinnamon Falconetti Dress


I received your beautiful Visiting bag yesterday. It’s so sumptuous and rich, pure joy!

Client London, UK, Ruby Velvet Visiting Bag


The Black Liberty 3/4 Cate arrived today and it is even lovelier than I had imagined! It fits beautifully, as well.

They seemly suit all women. I can’t think of anything else in fashion like it - at least not to my (admittedly slim) knowledge.

Thanks again for your assistance! I will definitely enjoy wearing this magical dress!

Client, Canada, Black Liberty Cate Dress


I received my dress last week. It's absolutely amazing! I have never owned anything that makes me feel this good, and it fits perfectly. Haven't worn it out yet, just around our flat for myself. Just to feel good. I think I will give it its first outing at a punk rock gig. It will be completely out of place, and it will be perfect.

Client, Norway, the Blue Corduroy Festival Dress


I received the black velvet mini dress today. It is so beautiful. Every time I get another VW dress I swear it’s my new favourite, I just love them all. I’ll be debuting my pink Falconetti tonight and cannot wait! Look forward to seeing the new collection.

Client, North Carolina, USA Sparkle Velvet Mini Cate Dress


I wore this on Saturday and felt a million dollars. The dresses make me feel confident and special.

Client, London UK, Pink Floral Cate Dress


I've just tried the dress on and I could weep it's so beautiful. The shape is a dream, the fabric/pattern – all incredible. I'm in love! I feel I need to divorce my husband so I can re-marry in it.

Client, Sussex, UK, The Forget Me Not Festival Dress