Sissy Spacek with wide lovely eyes in Badlands


Delicate, ethereal and feminine, Sissy Spacek’s character, Holly, in Terrence Malick’s 1973 film masterpiece, Badlands, is a pampered young teenager, almost doll-like in her size and soft-spoken demeanor. She dons candy-colored dresses with ruffles, puff sleeves and tiny buttons. Her clothes are the epitome of the middle-class teenage girl’s fantasy wardrobe in 1950s Midwest America. She favors tiny white shorts and Bass Weejuns with snow-white, rolled-down socks. Fair-skinned, strawberry-blonde, freckled, and blue-eyed, Sissy as Holly is the picture of girlish innocence, especially when wearing a cotton pastel sundress and penny loafers. Her attire stands in stark contrast with the dark themes of the film, making the clothing choices by costume designer, Rosanna Norton all the more poignant.

"If I sang a song about the way I feel right now, it would be a hit."
Kit to Holly in Badlands.

Sissy Spacek