Say hello to Girl No. 2!

The Vampire's Wife limited edition t-shirt - Girl No 2

Girl Number 1 sold out in a heartbeat. She was here for a magical moment and then she was gone. Overnight, Girl Number 1 was seen in the skate parks of L.A., the streets of New York and on the red carpets of London. She became British Vogue’s most coveted article of street wear. We wrote to artist-recluse Karen Constance, who designed Girl Number 1. We awaited a reply.

She sent back Girl Number 2.

Dressed in coral pink with a pattern of the olive branch, a brown-eyed, black-haired girl offers us the symbol at the very heart of The Vampire’s Wife crest, the yellow hero-bird that travels to the darkened place and returns with the gift of enlightenment and love. The young girl hands us the gleaming bird-spirit as a gift and as a promise. With cherry blossoms in her hair, symbols of feminine beauty and sexuality, she calls to us with the message of love, as two fertility-rabbits hold the Vampire‘s Wife banner aloft. Karen had taped a note to the design, “Be careful where you wear this t-shirt.”

Screen printer extraordinaire Patrick Wells has hand-printed each t-shirt using an extended colour carousel that lends a luminous vibrancy to Karen’s creation. The high-quality hand-printed t-shirt runs as a limited edition of 100 pieces, each numbered like an art print and presented in a beautiful gift box, designed by Tom Hingston.

Available Monday November 6th at 9am GMT

The Vampire's Wife limited edition t-shirt - Girl No 2