Once more for Christmas! Girl No. 6

The Vampire’s Wife Girl t-shirts are now a global phenomena, selling out in a heartbeat. Overnight, the Girls were seen in the skate parks of L.A., the streets of New York and on the red carpets of London. The Girl t-shirts became British Vogue’s most coveted article of street wear. Christmas was fast approaching and we thought we would do a special limited edition t-shirt for that merry time of year. We wrote to artist-recluse Karen Constance and pleaded with her to design one more t-shirt, in the spirit of Christmas.

She sent back Girl No. 6

Dressed in blood red velvet and haloed in blue, Girl No. 6 stares out at us with her bewitching green eyes. She holds in her hand the symbol at the very heart of The Vampire’s Wife crest, the yellow hero-bird that travels to the darkened place and returns with the gift of enlightenment and love. The Vampire Girl hands us the gleaming bird-spirit as a gift and as a promise. This is the Christmas message. On each side of The Vampire’s Wife banner, two lambs cavort, symbols of purity and innocence, but, really, how pure and innocent is this t-shirt?!

Screen printer extraordinaire Patrick Wells has hand-printed each t-shirt using an extended colour carousel that lends a luminous vibrancy to Karen’s creation. The high-quality hand-printed t-shirt runs as a limited edition of 250 pieces, each numbered and presented in a beautiful, award-winning gift box, designed by Tom Hingston.

Girl No.6