On Diane Arbus and influence

I was sitting at dinner with my dear friend and Vampire’s Wife collaborator, the photographer Polly Borland and I asked her what it was about the photographs of Diane Arbus that inspired her so much.

Diane Arbus changed my life. Her simple direct honest B+W photos were not like anything I had seen. They invoked such wonder and humanity. You could see each subject with great clarity. No one was hiding, no one was afraid to be seen, even though most of her subjects were marginalized and battered in some way by life. Each person had their dignity and space to breathe within the photographs, while I was constantly reminded, not only of the beauty of our lives but also the cruelty beyond each frame.”

I love to hear what the driving inspirations of other people are. There isn’t an artist on earth that is not standing on the shoulders of someone else. I think that is the impetus of the Stuff Page; to show that nothing comes from nothing and we are all just the constructs of the things we love. Long live the Stuff Page! Thanks Polly!

Love, Susie