We love poet, model, filmmaker and Vampire’s Wife advocate, Greta Bellamacina

Greta Bellamacina

The Many Ways You Can Marry In ‘high Windows’

your arms are sunset sonnets
made of pavement oak
filling the rain passing

altering the winds to the country tide.
eight hundred ways, manned by the atlas of longer worlds,
your love it is skywards for

the holds of gentle eyes
that surround the river’s skin
only to break deathstones for time in the sky.

Back to your house built to wood
back in the almost horizon sun,
your love is the eve of.

Gazing down every street
In the beginnings to unmorninged heights
of the many ways you can marry in ‘high windows’,

read in windfelt light birds
of distanced swung skies
that are left to you, which are setting.

Greta Bellamacina

Greta Bellamacina in Vampire's Wife

Greta Bellamacina reads from her book Perishing Tame in Vampire's Wife