Letter from Unicorn Girl

Dear Susie,

I am the Unicorn Girl (someone who believes in Fairytales) -- but you are the Unicorn Goddess! When I think of you I can’t help dreaming of the fantastical setting of Max Reinhardt’s glimmering and enchanted forest in his 1935 adaption of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” with Titania and Oberon. It is one of the most enchanted moments in Cinema when the forest comes alive … you seem such a part of that magical world! You are a true minister of hope, joy and beauty… and your dreams of dresses reflect that same energy and timelessness!

Love, Unicorn Girl


Dear Unicorn Girl,

Wow! Thank you for your kind words. It is truly lovely to get people’s letters here at The Vampire’s Wife, especially ones as beautiful as yours. I try to make dresses that feel like they are floating on the edges of things, indeed, like dreams or memories or fever-visions or longings. For me there is no nostalgia in them. They are as present as the spirit world! Last night I dreamed of a large army of children marching over a hill. It was the most beautiful vision. I had an overwhelming feeling of love and longing and if my dresses could summon a single drop of that feeling, then I would be very happy! Much love to you. PS. Are you a film lover? Susie x