Late goodbye to Peggy Lipton

Peggy Lipton

Beautiful Peggy Lipton, who starred as Julia Barnes in The Mod Squad back in the late sixties died at 72, on May 11th. She broke fresh ground for women on TV at the time, playing a new kind of woman, young and hip. She went onto play the awesome Norma at the Double D Diner in Twin Peaks, many years later. 

Actor Kyle MacLachlan who worked with her on Twin Peaks, said of her -

"Peggy radiated a sense of purpose. She was always gracious and ever thoughtful, and moved to her own rhythm. She was wise and seemed all knowing, and I instinctively felt her world was full and complete – and far more fascinating than she would ever reveal to the rest of us."

Goodbye to Peggy, an inspiration to us all at The Vampire’s Wife. Love, Susie x

Peggy Lipton