In praise of Anne Rice and vampires

Anne Rice

I was a reading a book on dreams last night and found this quote from the amazing Anne Rice, who beyond her astounding Interview with a Vampire and other Gothic wonders also wrote much Christian literature and erotic literature. She is such an exquisite and unique voice. We adore her here at the Vampire’s Wife. Love, Susie. 

“I use vampire’s as metaphorical figures to talk about life itself; what we don’t know about it and what we must believe about it. In the absence of any revelation that I personally trust, I still believe that it is possible to live a good life. That morality is possible and that ethics are possible. I fear religion. I fear the pure idea. I fear the thing which is detached from the flesh. My writing, the whole thrust of it, has been to say, “Listen to the lessons of the flesh.” Never get too far away from it. Never get too far away.” 

Anne Rice from Writers Dreaming