Hurrem Sultan

I received this beautiful letter from Siobhan about Hurrem Sultan. Thank you so much for your kind words, contributing to the Stuff Page and keeping the wheels turning. Much love, Susie x 

Dear Susie,  I learn so much from reading your Stuff Page and it almost always inspires me to read further. Last year, my long distance American love and I managed to rendezvous in Istanbul. We first met in Harbin, China almost twenty years ago where we were close friends, and kept in touch via email over the years, until we finally met again in person in London in 2019. Feeling love on such an epic scale for the first time may have been a factor, but after visiting the Topkapi Palace and reading about the history of the Ottoman Empire, I felt compelled to learn more about the incredible woman that was Hurrem Sultan. She was the beloved wife of Sultan Suleiman, the great ruler, and renowned for not just her unique beauty, but also her lifelong passion for the Sultan, as well as her masterful manipulation of her enemies. There letters to each other are considered to be the finest examples of Ottoman poetry. I'm sure you know about her, but if not, I think you will find her interesting too. Like you I have a fascination for great beauty and complex characters, one of the reasons I enjoy reading your posts! Indeed you are a fantastic example of that.  Lots of love, Siobhan