The hundredth stuff post - a little reflection

Susie Cave reflects on the hundredth Stuff post

If my calculations are correct this is my hundredth Stuff post or thereabouts, which means we have been doing this page for about a year. I started the idea as a way of acknowledging the wonderful people and beautiful things that have been such an influence here at The Vampire’s Wife and to show that something rarely comes from nothing and that we are all servants of our past – that we are made up of the things we love and maybe the things we don’t love too. It was a way of bringing all the stuff that moves us to work and to create out into the light and to share them with you. It became, also, a sort of memory palace, where we were free to remember and spend a little time walking among those who were no longer with us.

I feel that all those memories and influences and desires are stitched into the clothes we create here at The Vampire’s Wife. I feel that to wear one of our dresses is a way of keeping those memories alive – not just my memories but also the very idea of memory. I want the dresses to appear as if they are something recalled or dreamed. I want the dresses to float like visions or ghosts or things from another world.

But I have also wondered if after a year it was time to put the Stuff posts aside – surely this just can’t go on forever – but I think I would miss doing them. I have found that memories are not things unto themselves, rather they are doors that lead onto other doors and that they are, in a way, never-ending.

So, if you will have them, I’d love to continue on with the Stuff posts and wander around the memory palace a little longer – it has many rooms with many doors! – and point to something here and something there and something over there and hope they will be of interest.

Much love to you all,



Photo – Dominique Issermann