Girl No. 4 has arrived for Valentine's Day!

Girl No. 3 crashed the Internet at The Vampire’s Wife. We were simply not prepared for the intensity of demand for what Vogue would call “the most coveted piece of street wear around”. Everyone loved Girl No. 3 – the little Vampire Girl. We sent a letter to artist-recluse Karen Constance asking for another one. We waited and waited. At last a letter arrived.

“I will do a Valentine’s Day Girl”.

Again we waited. In time, the design arrived.


Girl No. 4 seems bolder, wiser and more defiant as she stares out at us. She is a modern day Aphrodite – Goddess of Love – who wears a crown of roses, the primal emblem of dark passion. In her hand she holds a blood-coloured heart that symbolises love and strength and power, but also forgiveness. At the centre of the heart is the hero-bird that has journeyed to a darkened place and returned with the message of peace. On the banner are two bears, symbols of courage, people, courage! Karen has painted them pink to remind us never to lose our sense of child-like wonder.

On the design Karen attached her usual cryptic message,

“We have so little time. We must be kind.”

Screen printer extraordinaire Patrick Wells has hand-printed each t-shirt using an extended colour carousel that lends a luminous vibrancy to Karen’s creation. The high-quality hand-printed t-shirt runs as a limited edition of 200 pieces, each numbered and signed, and presented in a beautiful gift box, designed by Tom Hingston.

Available from 4pm (GMT) on Tuesday 30th January! That’s tomorrow!