A beautiful and happy letter from Sabina from Berlin, sent to me here at The Vampires Wife. Thank you so much, Sabina. It was a wonderful concert. It is wonderful to receive such heart felt letters. Much love to you and I hope you made it home! My husband did! Love, Susie x


Dear Susie,

A week has passed since my friend Violeta and I saw the great, intense, emotional, beautiful, transcendent concert by Nick and Warren at the Royal Albert Hall. I've seen a few concerts, Nick's music has accompanied and carried me through life for almost 30 years, but this one will always have a special place.

 The (arrival) trip was also very special. The whole distance from Berlin to London on the train - stopovers at my father's near Cologne and then one night at my friends houese in Brussels. From there on October 7th in the morning to London.10.00 am at St. Pancras.

In the early evening on the way to the concert we passed a bookstore near Picadilly Circus. I bought the last signed copy of 'Nina Simone's Gum'. What luck.  We arrived at the Royal Albert Hall tired and exhausted from our journey.

Our seats were very high, but the acoustics in the hall were fantastic and when the first note sounded than Violeta and I were both overjoyed and wide awake.  I was also very proud to wear my 'Vampire's Wife' T-shirt, look at the photo, on this great occasion. I 'gave' it to myself in the summer on the occasion of my lectureship at the University of the Arts here in Berlin. I have admired your clothes for a long time, even when they were not so well known. Your connected, own world that you have created is amazing.  Well, maybe one day I can buy a dress. But I have to save a little! But that's not the essence - I love your keen eye for beauty and detail. The moment. That gives me a lot. Always. I also feel it especially at THIS WEEKS STUFF.  And in London: Wow.

It all came together. Force. Beauty. Sadness. Humor. Life. Susie. Warren. Nick.  I have it inside of me, here in Berlin, in everything I do.

Thanks a million times, Sabina.