Dear Susie, what was the first dress you made?

Dear Susie,

I received my Dark Green Lamé Dress this morning. It fits beautifully, such attention to detail. I am completely in love with it! You said you were happy to answer any questions. What was the first dress you actually made?

Thank you so much. I am over the moon,

Emily, Los Angeles


Dear Emily,

So glad you liked the dress. To answer your question, apart from the dresses and clothes I used to modify as a little girl, the first real dress I made basically got me kicked out of my needlework class at Stratford House School for Girls. I was thirteen. Towards the end of the year we were encouraged to design and make our own outfit – which basically meant simple tweed A-line skirts. I set to work and created a white sleeveless satin floor length dress that was tight at the top and had side splits up to the thigh. Underneath, I wore a pair of neon hot pink footless tights with white stilettos. The dress took me weeks to make. I loved it. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. The needlework teacher, however, did not. I was generally a little wayward at school and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back – my parents were contacted and I was quietly removed from Stratford House School for Girls. The dress was not a million miles from what I am doing now, actually. Little ever changes! We just remake and remodel!

Much love and so glad you are happy with the dress,


Polly Borland and Susie in L.A. doing Vogue photo shoot.

Photo is Polly Borland and Susie in L.A. doing Vogue photo shoot.