Dakota Johnson wearing The Vampire's Wife Classic Liberty Cate Dress

Dakota Johnson on The Today Show in NYC wearing The Vampire's Wife Classic Cate Dress in Black Liberty print.


The sign of the horns is a hand gesture with a variety of meanings and uses in various cultures.

Early use can be seen in India, as an apotropaic gesture very commonly used by Gautama Buddha (who was born in Nepal) as Karana Mudra which is synonymous with expulsion of demons and removal of obstacles like sickness or negative thoughts.

The apotropaic usage of the sign can also be seen in Italy and in other Mediterranean cultures where, when confronted with unfortunate events the sign of the horns may be given to ward off bad luck. It is also used traditionally to counter or ward off the "evil eye”. The sign of the horns is used during religious rituals in Wicca, to invoke or represent the Horned God.