CRYING ALWAYS IN MY VOICEHere is a song sent by an Iranian friend to my husband. A beautiful sad song by Iranian pop singer, Ebi. Love Susie x

My beautiful dear friend,
Hi, how are you? Hope things goes well with you.
I just wanted to say hello and sent you another song that I like so much..
I translated most of its lyrics, I know my English is awful, but I really tried to be like original lyrics.


Here it is:



Between all these strange people

You're the only one I know

And you knew all my bitter words

Before I said them.

I'm full of new words that I love to say

But you're a stranger to my pains, although you're thirsty to hear them

Cracking noise, like crying is always in my voice,

Bitterness of sobbing and crying, tastes like all my bitter laughing

The warmness of your caressing hand

Salves all my old wounds.

With all my heart