Come My Darling

This is a sweet message for Lori from Toronto, who wrote into my husband’s Red Hand Files, recommending this incredibly beautiful song from legendary Arabic singer and actress, Asmahan.

Dear Nick,
This is for Susie after I read she enjoys Umm Khultum. It’s by the glorious Asmahan—a song of true devastation.


I translated some of the words, but in the end gave up and just let the rapturous and gorgeous sounds wash over me. Thank you so much for sending this little gem, Lori. These offerings mean so much to us, the are spirit-lifters of great beauty—and everyone, please be careful and look after your selves and each other. You are all so precious.
Love, Susie x

Come My Darling

My darling, come follow me

Look what’s happened to me

In your absence I am obligated

To confide in your ghost.