BUT THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVENana from London sent me and my husband this message.

Hi Nick and Susie

This is a brilliant piece of music from one of the best films made – ‘Three Colours: Blue’ by Kieslowski. The song is called ‘Song for the Unification by Europe’ by Preisner. There are two versions; I rate Julie’s more highly.

I watched the film four times in a week because of the soundtrack. I recommend listening to the song lying together in the dark – I prefer the floor because it makes me feel more grounded. It is superb. Love Nana.


Dear Nana, Thank you for the suggestion. This music is magnificent. ‘Song for the Unification of Europe’ is surely one of the most stirring pieces of music to be used in a film. Thank you so much for suggesting it! Love, Susie x.

Song for the Unification of Europe


If with the tongues of men I speak,

and of angels,

Love I do not have,

I have become a gong resounding or cymbal clanging.

And if I have the gift of prophecy,

and know mysteries all,

faith mountains move,

Love I do not have, nothing I am.

Love is generous, virtuous,

Love does not envy, boast, not proud is.

All she protects, all she trusts, all she hopes, all she perseveres.

Love never she fails. Be it prophecies, they will cease,

Be it tongues, they will be stilled, be it knowledge it will cease.

So remain, Faith, Hope and Love, these three. But the greatest of these is Love.