Away Melancholy

I have been in London, working on The Vampire’s Wife display at Harrods. My husband has been writing in Brighton—always writing. He emailed me this link to a little film made for him by some of his fans. Nick’s fans are simply the greatest—they have such a deep understanding of him, and such extraordinary dedication. Nick loves the poems of Stevie Smith, perhaps more than any other poet. I love them too, for their pure and guileful pleasure.

My husband wrote,

Check this little film out, babe. I got it this morning and it floored me. I’ve read this poem a hundred times but never heard it spoken so beautifully. Be careful, though, it’s a heartbreaker!

Love, Nick

Away, Melancholy read by Julia Feroglio, sent by Katrine and the Merry Nickmas Christmas team.

Such a beautiful, measured performance of this wonderful poem, much needed at this time. Thank you, Julia and Katrine and all. You guys are the best.

Love, Susie x