And the testimonials keep coming

Susie Cave

Dear Susie and people at the Vampire’s Wife,

Today I received the Forget me not Mini Cate dress and it delighted me in so many ways. I can hardly wait for an occasion to wear it. Its fabric is amazing with its vivid though dark colours, the sizing is perfect which makes me feel feminine and attractive. I really like the combination of the maidenly top and the more revealing short skirt, for it makes it edgy. I believe that this ideal marriage of elements; light and dark, innocent and provoking, - Blake’s - heaven and hell is also part of and reflected in the work of your dear husband Nick Cave of whom I am a huge fan. It’s wonderful to see that two extremely gifted people, as you both are, find their own unique ways to express their shared interests and passions. I’m looking forward to whatever beautiful and touching work the both of you will come up with in the near future, for art definitely deepens and enlightens our lives. Thank you so much for that.

Best wishes



Dear gorgeous people at The Vampires Wife,

I purchased the Gypsy Crepe Tea Dress online only seven days ago. It's always a risk buying online and I hadn't purchased anything from you before. I made sure my measurements corresponded with the correct sizing before placing my order. It arrived in Melbourne, Australia this morning, so beautifully packaged and just as pretty as I had imagined. Then I tried it on. I stood in this frock for about fifteen minutes. The cut is so flattering, I felt myself rather transformed! I know when I step out to an event I will feel beautiful and confidant. As a woman, single mother, hard worker whose twins have just reached adulthood and is embarking on the next phase of my life, this frock has brought back some of my swagger in a instant. It reminded me of who I am.

Thank you so much! I'll definitely be purchasing from you again. It was the ideal experience. Are you planning on opening a store in Australia?

Warmest regards,



My dress arrived today and it fits and I love it!! Thank you so much for getting it here so quick so I can take it with me on holiday.

And thank you so much for excellent service from Customer Services all along the way."

Client, Copenhagen, The Forget Me Not Dress


I am so excited to have found a style that suits me in any fabric and you can also be any age!!!! 

Client, UK, Gold Metallic Silk Knee Length Dress


I can hardly wait to receive my dress. Thank you for your expertise, patience and kindness in helping me choose the right dress. 

I look forward to upcoming seasons of TVW! Such beautiful garments and top notch staff.

Client, Canada, Wild Rose Gypsy Tea Dress


Above and beyond my expectations! Thank you so, so much.

Client, UK, The Forget Me Not Dress


The dress is shockingly perfect. I am SO impressed with the cut and tailoring details! The shoulders & the delicate flare of the sleeve bottom are PERFECT. How it hits just at my elbow, creating tiny capes for my arms! I am IN LOVE with this cut! It’s on par with my wildest fantasies. Now that’s some next level joy! 

Client, LA, The Forget Me Not Festival Dress


Thank you, I got the dress, it fits beautifully and looks great. 

Client, UK, The Forget Me Not Festival Dress


I am so happy with my order last week. Absolutely loved wearing the first dress and received many compliments. 

Client, UK The 1970s Crepe Festival Dress


Just wanted to confirm that I have received my dress. Thank you. It is quite exquisite. I don't think I have ever seen such a beautifully made dress.

Client, UK, Blue and Silver Metallic Cotton Dress


I just want to say thank you so much. I love my new dress, it fits perfectly and looks so cute, really happy!

Client, UK, Pink Floral Mini Cate Dress


Just to confirm that I have received my dress and am thrilled with it. Can’t wait to sport it at a friends wedding coming up.

Client, USA, The Forget Me Not Festival Dress


Dear All,

Thank you so much for your beautiful letters. I am so happy to think that you are enjoying the dresses we make here at The Vampire’s Wife and love getting your letters. You are the most beautiful people on Earth!

Love, Susie x