We love Piero Tosi at The Vampire's Wife

We love the Italian costume designer Piero Tosi here at The Vampire’s Wife. He is best known for his extensive work on many of the legendary Luchino Visconti’s films. He has dressed some of the world’s most impressively beautiful women including Sophia Loren (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, 1963), Claudia Cardinale (The Leopard, 1963), Romy Schneider (Ludwig, 1973), Charlotte Rampling (The Night Porter, 1974, The Damned, 1969) and Maria Callas (La Sonnambula, 1955).

Piero Tosi

He has been nominated for five Academy Awards and has won the BAFTA Award for Best Costume Design twice. With his strong attention to detail, even the most ornate designs look flawless: Silvana Mangano’s white and crème attire complete with an oversized hat tilted just so with a flowy veil underneath, gloves and parasol in Death in Venice remains one of the most striking images on the screen, as well as one of the most impractical things to ever wear on a windy beach. Let’s face it: no one does a veil like Tosi.

Piero Tosi

Romy Schneider is constantly covered in veils and layers upon layers of lace and silk taffeta in Visconti’s Ludwig but she never looks overly embellished, and who can ever forget the impossibly sexy and alluring Sophia Loren in Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow as she delights us with a playful striptease?

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